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The Backpages Archives - Collection of Humor
20 Questions About Canada

20 Words That Should Exist

Aging Mature Barbie

Airforce Maintenance Sqwaks

Airline Chatter


Apocalypse... Now!

Bachelor Food

Bad Romance Novel Metaphors

Bay Area Living

Beer Troubleshooting

Be Gay And Fabulous

Booty Call Agreement

Bush Quotes

Cajun Christmas

Camping Surival Hints

Celebrity Idiots And Their Sayings

Chelsea Clinton Summer Camp

Christmas Carols For The Insane

Contract For A Wife

Court Quotes

Dear Abby (Men's Point Of View)

Dear Dr. Laura

Departmental Brown Nose Job

Doctor Charting Bloopers

Edgy Horoscopes

Food & Sex

Frank The Chili Tester

Gilligan Is Satan

The Good Wife Guide

Hallmark Cards You'll Never See

Hangover Star Ratings

Healthclub Woes

Health, God & The Devil
Help This Sick Little Boy

Help Wanted Glossary

Hotel Signs From Around The World

How A Cat's Mind Works

How Dumb Is Bush?

How To Attend A Meeting

How To Get An Oil Change

How To Make That Marriage Work

How To Not Get A Job

How To Shower Like A Man/Woman

If GM Had Computer-Styled Customer

Help Lines

Is Hell Hot?

Jerry Springer Guest Application

What I Have Learned In Life


Math In The Real World

Mayor Marion Barry Speaks!

Martha Stewart's Tips For Rednecks

McDonald's Application

Men's Rules For Women

Military Mishaps & Oddities

Mother Job Opening

Bizzare Murder/Suicide

Murphy's Laws Of Combat

My Friend

Never Say To A Woman...

New Charlie Brown Specials

New Company Policies

New Priest On The Job

New Words

New Elements Found
Nine "Cures" For Masturbation

Olympic Questions


Party, Everyone!

Peanuts Characters Futures

Physics Of Being Santa

Pillsbury Dough Boy - Dead At 71

Ponderances For The Day

Questions & Answers

Questions To Wonder

Real (Dumb) Resumés

Real Life Situations

Real Vague News Headlines

Rules For Playing The Blues

Santa Tells It How It Is

Sarcasms For Every Day Use

Tax Relief

The Barometer

Theories For Explaining Life Around The World

The Penis Requests A Raise

Thoughts For Today

More Thoughts For Today

Tips For Healthy Living

To My Girlfriend / Boyfriend

Top 10 Marketing Screw-Ups

Top 10 Party Games For Seniors

Training Courses For Men

TV Listings From Marin

Understanding America

Why English Is So Important

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