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KAOS2000 Magazine mission statement
KAOS2000 Magazine has been in existance since October 1998.
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area - we cover the world in entertainment, news, rants and raves, reviews, and more.
Our mission is to keep things lively, interesting, sometimes controversial, somewhat educational, and never boring. We do not have a specific standard format regarding what we cover, as subjects can vary in range. We do provide a standardization in doing Interviews, News, Technology (Computers / Software / Games) as well as Entertainment coverage in Music, Film, Books and the Arts.

Our goals are several-fold:
  • Interviews - Interviews done with celebrities and others in the news are done to allow the person to speak their mind freely, without editing and any added editorial opinion throughout. The main purpose of the interviews is to show the interviewee as a person, or collective thought, rather than propogating the same old media hype. We hope to give insight to who is behind the media face. Whether it is an entertainment celebrity or someone in the news, we want to dig deeper to give the reader some more personal connection.
  • Product reviews - The purpose is to offer fair yet opinionated reviews of whatever we are covering - be it music, film, or any other new products. Sometimes things cry out for glory, while other times they can be unbelievable in a bad way. Either way, the ultimate end result is for the reader to decide by doing their own research. Ours are to educate, but entertain at the same time.
  • News articles - Through happier as well as turbulent times, there is always news. We are partnered with several news sources, as well as providing our own writings. Some sections of news might be more opinionated while others merely serve to provide unbiased reporting.
  • Soapbox - A place for rants and raves. Very opinionated, in either direction. Not all opinions expressed are that of KAOS2000 Magazine staff collectively.
  • Foto Bizarro - Some of the funnier photos found on the Net, including some contributions by our own staff photographers. Photo creators are noted wherever possible.

All rights reserved © KAOS2000™. No portion contained herein, either text or graphics, may be reproduced anywhere or reposted on any other website for any purpose without the expressed permission of the publisher. All violations shall be punished as the law allows.

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