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Philip Anderson
Editor-in-chief / Publisher /

Perlito Godoy
Photographer / Illustrator

Keith Denison
Writer / Photographer

Tara Hauff
Writer / Photographer

Mary Dollar
Illustrator /
Photographer /
Graphic Designer

Don "Donrad" Montgomery
Writer / Photographer
Letter From The Editor -

It's the Pre-Summer 2010 issue. Following a rather shaky 2009 for economy and shows and sales last year, this year has so far been looking up in a variety of ways. Cinequest Film Festival celebrated its 20th anniversary this spring, all kinds of new gadgets, gizmos, and foods are out there for the buying, and even the concert circuit is sounding better with some great package shows this year. And let's not forget Comic Con International in San Diego once again, this coming July. The big extravaganza of pop culture.

So we bring you here, the best of what Spring brought us, a preview of upcoming Summer attractions, and some great current interviews, along with some lost gems. Read up, and stay tuned for more.

~ Philip Anderson ~ Editor

Contributors -

Joe Camareno - writer

Caralee Clarke - writer

Jennifer Contino - writer

William Keith Denison - writer / photographer

Cameron Edney - writer

Randy Dotinga - writer

David Haskell - writer

Chris Jamele - reviewer

Christin Noel - Writer / Reviewer

Norman Soloman - writer

Steve Trugilo (Fake111) - photographer / writer

David Lee Wilson - writer

Julie Wilson - photographer

Gail Worley - writer

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