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This year marked the biggest turn-out to date for Cinequest, the San Jose, CA film festival. As well, it had the honor of being voted on of the Top 10 film festivals in the world. This is a great honor to have as it puts Cinequest in the same party as Cannes and Sundance, both presigious names in the film industry.

There were a lot of great film entries that were shown, some of which we will be reviewing here over the next couple of months. Please check back for new reviews every week as we will be adding them.

This year, Cinequest did not hold any official Press conferences, but did host a few panels. Amongst them were the Black Filmmakers Panel, which we have covered here, and quite a few panels on the digital revolution in filmmaking. After watching a few screenings, it became very apparent as to the improvement of digital film quality even in one year's time. It may soon very well take over the industry as the electronic age moves forward.

With that, please enjoy our coverage and reviews of films.

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Written by Philip Anderson

Philip Anderson is a musician, in addition to being a writer/photographer. He has performed as a guitarist/vocalist, as well as songwriter, in several bands over the past 20 years. As a writer and photographer, he has been published by several magazines and in several books, and had his works appear on television.

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