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Well, it was here, and went. The Main Event for the summer, at least in San Diego, CA. Comic Con International is one of the biggest draws, and largest single sources of income for the Southern California city. It draws over 150,000 people from around the world (although we’ve been noticing a large majority of them coming down from the S.F. Bay Area, interestingly enough).

You know the old mailman term, “Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet...” etc.? Well that’s how it felt for us both coming to, and ending Comic Con this year. We started off by dealing with “Dust Devils’ - mini tornados - in the barren middle of nowhere in the desert on the drive down (see photos for proof). We actually hoped for more, but we got what we got. At least we’re not the Bible Belt of the U.S. - no airborne mobile homes to be seen near a large dusty funnel.

And on Tuesday, just following Comic Con, San Diego got itself an earthquake. It struck at 11:42 am, so you know we were busy sleeping in still. Apparently it shook the Embassy Suites hotel plenty, but the top floors, where we were, didn’t get so much jolting. Exciting though.

* Comic Con was packed! It was insane. Apparently actor Seth Rogan (“Knocked Up”) had appeared on the Tonight Show and was discussing with Jay Leno, about going to Comic Con. He adamantly stated, “There are so many chicks at Comic Con!” You know what the threat of a bevy of attractive females does for marketing. Yes, Comic Con this year sold out almost immediately.

* This year, Paris Hilton made an appearance, that the press was not notified about. By now, her appearance has been around the world in every news media. But most importantly, when asked how she liked attending Comic Con, Paris commented, "This is hot!" Well, you know what that's going to do. Oh yeah, every smarmy Paris-loving teen is going to be attending next year.

*  Finally, 2009 is the 40th anniversary of Comic Con - which means an automatic packed house guaranteed, just from the regular fan boys and girls. It’s sure to completely sell out.

That aside, this year was a veritable Halloween party with some of the most amazing and enticing costumes. The slideshow that Yahoo! offered (named "The most outrageous costumes") was garbage. I don't know if maybe their photographer just showed up for 15 minutes and left, frightened of the massive crowds, but those costumes sucked. I'll be posting all the photos that we took around the whole show, and you're sure to see some really cool stuff.

Depending on who you talk to, the crowds here have been interesting. From my point of view, this was one of the friendliest collection of people I have ever seen. And yet, I have heard the term "most vicious crowd" also attributed. The difference might be that I'm 6'6", layered with heavy, metallic camera equipment, and wearing some heavy-duty steel-toed combat boots. People tend to be very polite around that look, apparently. The other stories I had heard was several people getting in scuffles with other - parents, amongst things - while swarming the "Freebie" booths. Well, of course! When you have 150,000 people all trying to get free things (in this bad economy with high gas prices), they may tend to get a bit pushy... just not to me. I also was smart enough to avoid getting in the midst of those melees. I'm a bit too old to fight people for a trinket of printed paper or plastic. I'll just buy it if I really need it. I spent my time, wisely, observing others around me.

And back to Paris again... I felt dirtier for having taken some photos of her, after I read press reports about the "scrum of backwards-walking photographers" taking pictures of her. I only happened to run into her (and tried to push the guards out of the way so I could get out of there), and took my chance at photos. Then, after I told artist Scott Shaw about the incident, he could only say, "I hope you wiped the slime off of you, having been near her." hehe.... no respect for Paris. Not even at a convention filled with comic book fanboys.

And finally, I do have some interesting interviews.

*  Dean Haglund from "X-Files" - gave me some interesting insights as to whether or not "The Lone Gunmen" really die in that one episode, and if there might be another "X-Files" series or mini-series, or movie. Also he's an inventor who came up with a very useful laptop computer addition.

*  Actress/Model Candace Kita - funny and attractive, and had some great things to talk about, which you'll find out later.

Written by Philip Anderson
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Thurs. July 24

Fri. July 25

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Sun. July 27

Comic Con 2008


Dean Haglund

Candace Kita
("Chuck & Larry)

Conchita Campbell ("4400")

Megalyn Echikunwoke ("4400")

Ira Behr / Craig Sweeney ("4400")

Jeffrey Combs ("4400" / "Reanimator")

Rafael Navarro (Artist "Scooby Doo" / "Sonambulo")

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The Trip Down Thurs. July 24 Fri. July 25
Sat. July 26 Sun. July 27 Comic Con 2008 Photos

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