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Interview with: Kurtwood Smith
Most popularly known as the dad on "That 70s Show," Kurtwood talks about his new film "Hard Scrambled" and about his S.F. Bay Area beginnings.
Interview with: Sid Haig
Actor / Musician / Dancer / Priest -
With a 40 year film and TV acting history, Sid has been around. He talks about working with Rob Zombie and Quentin Tarantino, his latest film ventures ("House Of 1,000 Corpses"), and his background as a dancer and musician.

Interview with: Tony Dolan
Actor / Musician - Ex-bassist of Venom, and star of "Master And Commander" talks about the making of the film, working with Russell Crowe, and his new musical ventures.
Interview with: Avi Arad
As CEO of Marvel Comics, Avi talks about taking the comic book company to new heights in the film industry, storytelling, and basic entertainment needs.

Festival Coverage: Cinequest 16 Film Festival
One of the top 10 film festivals in the world, Cinequest 16 was held in San Jose, CA. We cover the films and highlights of the show.
Interview with: Cullen Hoback
Young film auteur from Portland, OR, discusses his feature film "Freedom State" and his ideas on filmmaking and actors.

Theater Review: Madama Butterfly
Final show of the run in San Francisco. Seemed to have fluttered off without really taking flight.

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