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Chats with artists, bands, actors, authors, directors, pop-culture icons, and news makers. Unedited - exactly as it was spoken. Interviews done by Philip Anderson except where noted (on the individual pages).
Artists, musicians, bands, engineers, and music-makers
Actors, directors, producers, writers, and filmmakers
Writers, creators, artists, ingenues, models, inventors
Creators of the written word
Ingenues, models, inventors, creators, people about town
The people in the news who affect the world
30 Seconds To Mars

Martin Fry / ABC

Davie Allan


Sebastian Bach

Mick Ralphs / Bad Company

Paul Rodgers / Bad Company

Dan Bern

Graham Bonnet

Robert Bradley

Dale "Buffin" Griffin
Mott The Hoople

Loretta Caravello
[Ex-KISS drummer Eric Carr's sister]

Les Claypool / Primus

Brad Corrigan
[Braddigan / Dispatch]

David Coverdale / Whitesnake

Cradle Of Filth

Crazy Town

Glenn Danzig
Danzig / Samhain / Misfits


Joe Elliott / Def Leppard

Paul Dianno [ex-Iron Maiden]

Ronnie James Dio

Udo Dirkschneider
Accept / U.D.O.

Geoff Downes / Asia

Maria Sjoholm / Flavia Canel
Drain STH

Jordan Rudess / Dream Theater

Al Barr / Dropkick Murphys

John Entwistle
John Entwistle Band / The Who

Sara Sant'Ambrogio / Eroica Trio

John Fiddler
British Lions / Medicine Head

Warren Fitzgerald
Vandals / Oingo Boingo

Carl Bell / Fuel
The 4400 Producers
Ira Behr / Craig Sweeney

Dario Argento

"Billy Was A Deaf Kid"
[Rhett Lewis, Burke Lewis, Candyce Foster]

Gary Burghoff

Conchita Campbell

Ben Chapman

Lyn Clinton

Jeffrey Combs

Wes Craven


[Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted]

Heather Donohue
[Blair Witch Project]

Kevin Eastman

Dean Haglund [X-Files]

Sid Haig
[House Of 1,000 Corpses]
[The Devil's Rejects /
Kill Bill: Vol. 2]

Gunnar Hansen
[Leatherface / Texas Chainsaw Massacre]

Damien Harris

Veronica Hart / Jane Hamilton

Javier Hernandez

Tamara Hernandez

Cullen Hoback

Eddie Izzard

Sally Kirkland

Candace Kita

Joel Lawrence

Stan Lee / Marvel Comics

June Lockhart [Lost In Space]

William H. Macy

Susan Olsen
[The Brady Bunch]

Tamara Olson
[Fashionably L.A.]

Butch Patrick
[Eddie Munster / The Munsters]

Blanchard Ryan
["Capers" / "Open Water"]

Kurtwood Smith

Carrie Stevens
[Playboy Playmate]
[Ex-KISS drummer Eric Carr's ex-girlfriend]

Julie Strain

Brian Thompson

Lance Weiler
[The Last Broadcast]

Wil Wheaton
[Star Trek:TNG / Stand By Me]

Peta Wilson
[La Femme Nikita] [ Mercy]

Dr. Jamie Williams
[49er tight end] [Ymotion Media]
Javier Hernandez

Dan Jolley

Stan Lee [Marvel Comics]

Rhode Montijo

Rafael Navarro

James O'Barr [The Crow]

Darick Robertson

Julie Strain

Wil Wheaton [Stark Trek: TNG]

Larry Young
Forrest J. Ackerman
(Sci-Fi/Fantasy afficianado)
Carrie Stevens
[Playboy Playmate]
[KISS drummer Eric Carr's ex-girlfriend]
Forrest J. Ackerman

Norman Finkelstein
[Author - "The Holocaust Industry"]
Neil Gaiman

Dave Gallant
[Author: "Asia: The Heat Goes On"]

Beverly Gray
Reverend Gerald S. Hunter

James O'Barr
[The Crow]
Brig. General Charles Duke
10th astronaut on the moon

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