Conchita Campbell - "The 4400"
Comic Con International - San Diego, CA - Sun. July 29, 2007

Conchita Campbell is one of those child stars that you know will have a bright future no matter what. She is one of the stars of “The 4400” TV series, playing Maia Rutledge, a precocious child who has visions of the future, usually without control. Unlike Maia, who is a reserved and somewhat saddened character, Conchita is a bubbly, friendly 11 year old actress who loves to entertain, and is loving every minute of being in the entertainment business.

We got to meet with Conchita at Comic Con International to chat with her about her character in “The 4400” as well as her career in the movies in general. She has the personality and communication skills of someone far older than her age, and it was a joy chatting with her. We are definitely looking forward to any further projects she has coming out.

K2K: Have you been to a show like this before?
Yes, I’ve been to this kind of convention in Vancouver [B.C.]. But that was my only one.

K2K: Are you going to do the signing downstairs today? Have they prepared you for the madness?
Yeah. Well, in Vancouver it was kind of like a small little crowd. So this is a big step up. Yeah.

K2K: Have you been here [at the Con] the whole time, or just today?
I actually have just been here today.

K2K: Saturday was crazy.
I flew in yesterday.

K2K: You’re done for the season now, right?
Yes, and it’s so sad. Everyone’s like a big family. You can’t say goodbye to them. It’s like, “Come back.”

K2K: What are you working on now?
I think in a week or so I’m flying out to Europe. So that should be fun. To go see my family.

K2K: Do you have other projects coming up?
Not yet, no.

K2K: You and [“The 4400” co-star] Megalyn were on “Supernatural.” Were you both in the same episode?
No, no. Not the same episode.

K2K: You know, it’s funny... from the first episode, until now, I couldn’t help but noticed that you grew up. You got big.

K2K: I thought they’d better finish up the story before you become an adult too quickly.
(laughs) Yeah, people are always telling me I’m growing. I have this thing on my wall, and I’m actually doing it every month and I’m not growing that much. But people keep saying that I’m growing a mile every day.

K2K: It’s your personality. You’re bigger than you look. How old are you now?
I’m 11 years old.

K2K: What’s it like being 11 and knowing the future [as her character Maia on “The 4400”]?
Well, I don’t personally know the future. But if I did, I think it would actually be kind of cool. I mean, if you could turn it on and off. Having it happen here and there. If you need to say something right then or something bad will happen, and then you have the vision and you stop talking. Then your time’s up, and then... If you could turn it on and off, I think that would be better.

K2K: Is your character going to be in much of the episodes in the upcoming season?
Yes, I think Maia is in almost every episode. I can’t tell you that much, but I think the fourth season is the best. For Maia, Maia is learning more how to stay into... learning how to cope with her parents being dead and stuff, and having her living in this century, and not being old-fashioned and stuff.

K2K: How did you get started in this business?
When I was younger, I always used to dance. So when I had my dance recitals, I would always go up in the front and do my own little dance and stuff. And at my grandparent’s house, I would always go up and say, “Look at me. Look at me. I’m doing a little dance.” So my uncle, who is a professional photographer, would take pictures of me around the house, he told my mom that I loved the camera and should try out for acting. I did, and I fell in love with it.

K2K: How do you like the business?
I love it. It’s really great. It’s so much fun. It’s so great to meet so many different people.

K2K: You seem pretty level-headed with everything. You don’t seem to take it overly seriously.
I just have fun with it. Make the best of what you have.

K2K: So you like doing all the press, and all the meet-and-greets?
It’s fun, because not many children get to do this. So,enjoy it while you have it, right? Yeah.

K2K: Was “Scary Movie 4” your first major film?
It was my first feature film, yes. “Pursued” was supposed to be a feature, but it didn’t make it to the movie theatres [in time].

K2K: How did you like making “Scary Movie 4”?
It was really fun. (laughs) It was really fun because, when I apparently got my head smacked in the door, I had to have my head there [showing with hands], and the door would stop right about a centemeter away from my head. So I was scared about that.

K2K: What kind of stuff doing you like doing more? Film or TV? Comedies, or scary movies?
Actually all of them are great. I think it would be fun to do an adventure film. And I also like comedy. Like, for example, in “Scary Movie 4,” I got to go in the harness, and that was so much fun. It was like going on a rollercoaster.

And with that, Conchita was grabbed off by the press handlers to meet with the next batch of press folks. Before she left, I had asked her to do a quick blurb or sketch in an autograph book, which she happily agreed to.

Written by Philip Anderson / Photos © 2007 Keith Denison

Philip Anderson is a musician, in addition to being a writer/photographer. He has performed as a guitarist/vocalist, as well as songwriter, in several bands over the past 20 years. As a writer and photographer, he has been published by several magazines and in several books, and had his works appear on television.

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