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Courtney Day - model
CES Expo - Las Vegas, NV - January 2004
As a familiar face and body who has graced the covers of a number of Import scene car and truck magazines, Courtney Day is becoming one of those models who you have undoubtedly scene, but most likely never noticed her name. A current unsung beauty, Courtney is on her way to getting more noticed as she becomes more visible on the magazine racks in stores. Moving into the fashion/bikini industry should only further cement Courtney’s image in the minds of many. At a relatively young age, and not having been in the modeling industry for too long, this is a model who is sure to become a household name by many before too long. So what does it take to get going and maintain in the modeling industry? We’ve all read many supermodel stories, here we have the fresh view of someone who is just becoming entrenced in the business. And not to forget mentioning that this is not just another pretty face. Courtney is also studying biochemistry in college. That’s right, to meet models these days, one has to have brains to match.
We met with Courtney Day at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, home of many an aspiring beauty. Courtney was as sweet in person as she is cute to look at, and was nice enough to spare a few minutes to chat with us about her background and thoughts on the world of modeling.
K2K: We’re talking with upcoming world-famous (to be) model Courtney Day. How old are you now?
CD: I’m 20 years old right now.
K2K: How long have you been doing modeling?
CD: Almost a year. Not very long.
K2K: How did you get into modeling?
CD: Actually I started in the Import scene, the cars. Then I got into [doing] conventions, and clothing companies and stuff like that.
K2K: Which clothing companies are you working with right now?
CD: I am doing a lot of bathing suit companies, so I’m not going to say any names. Some of them are on the web and they don’t want anything to...
K2K: In an interview that I read from your website [www.courtneyday.com], you mentioned that some people had told you that you would not “make it” in modeling unless you did nudity. Who would have told you something like that?
Before I started doing my stuff on my own in the Import scene, there were companies who I was looking to sign on with - well, not really sign, but they could help me out and I could help them if I join with them - and they said that they would only take me as a model if I were to do nude shots. I said that I would not do that. They told me “Good luck,” because “you’re never going to go anywhere or make anything of yourself” unless I do nudity or implied nudity. I said, “Aha! See ya!” I’m not planning on doing any. I have really high morals and standards. My comfort level is in leaving my clothes on.
K2K: Aha! So, as an editor’s note - I’m sure that these companies are next door at the AVN [Adult Video News] Convention right now.
CD: Exactly. Possibly. (laughing)
K2K: I just can’t believe that someone would have told you that, as everyone knows that doing nudes serves better to hurt a career rather than help it.
CD: That’s what I kind of had an issue with. If you want to make it as a fashion model or work in mainstream, then nudity hurts you. But the companies I had looked into in the Import scene apparently do do a lot of nudity. It’s actually individual girls. The companies who are looking for the girls actually turn them away with the nudity. But a lot of them think, “That girl has a big name.” If they get the big name, they get a lot of viewers on their website.
K2K: In regards to implied nudity and your thoughts, wouldn’t some bikini shots be almost implied nudity?
Implied nudity is where you are actually nude, but you have your hair or hand or something over you, as opposed to actual clothing. Implied nudity is a completely different story than even lingerie - which is not up my alley either. I go to bikinis and that’s about it. I know clothing companies who are looking to hire girls know the difference between implied nudity and bikinis.
K2K: You don’t find any problem with being a bikini model?
CD: I’ve only done bikinis for maybe four things out of everything that I’ve done, so I don’t really consider myself a bikini model.
K2K: If you had the dream modeling job handed to you right now, what would it be? What would your dream job be right now?
CD: I would say anything to do with make-up. I think that Victoria’s Secret is the ultimate goal for any girl, but she has to be... Victoria’s Secret is very classy. You keep your clothes on and have lingerie on. That’s the ultimate goal for every girl, but if it happened, it happened. Make-up I would definitely be interested in. The main ads, print ads, commercial ads, stuff like that. Somwhere where I work with an agency, but still work with different companies. I’m not geared towards one company. I’d love to work with a bunch of different people and be able to go all over the world.
K2K: Do you have any aspirations to be a supermodel?
CD: Every girl has aspirations of being a supermodel. Come on now. (laughing) If it happens, then more to me.
K2K: On an average day, you would be found wearing...
CD: Jeans and a tank top.
K2K: Have you been approached to do any hosting or spokesmodeling?
CD: Spokesmodeling, yes. I’m doing that right now. I have been approached about doing a TV series that should be coming out on a certain channel on a certain time. Undisclosed, of course. We’re in the midst of setting everything up right now.
K2K: Do you ever get the “she’s just blonde” tag put on you?
CD: All the time. That’s why I get more of the surfer girl ads. Can you tell? Yeah, I do all the time. (laughing)
K2K: Are you trying to break that though pattern?
CD: I’d actually rather go into that area. I know I’m not some exotic brunette or anything. Most of the people whom I talk with understand I’m not like that [a “blonde”]. I’m going to school... I’m doing more than what half of these people think about blondes do. So nobody’s truthfully thought that about me.
K2K: What are you going to school for?
CD: I am going for biochemistry.
K2K: How are your grades?
CD: Normal. Enough to graduate. (laughs) No, just joking. I get good grades.
K2K: Did your boyfriend get you into modeling?
CD: Indeed he did. Indeed, yes. He got me into fixing up cars and everything. The more we started going to shows, the more photographers started noticing who I was. The companies started asking about me, “Who’s that new girl?”. So it kind of went from there with more and more companies.
K2K: Any favorite photographers who you’d like to work with?
CD: My own. I have my boys who I know. No famous ones. Photography is photography.
K2K: Any dating advice for guys who would want to meet someone like you?
CD: For guys? (laughs) I haven’t dated in five or six years, so I don’t know.
K2K: For words of encouragement... if you were single, how should a guy approach a girl like you?
CD: Well, not cocky. I’ll tell you that much. That’s a complete turn-off. Like “Hey sweet cheeks, what’s up?” and like that. You don’t have a chance with that. (laughs) Be yourself. Be normal.
K2K: What if “cocky” is “yourself”?
CD: Then you don’t have a chance anyway. Ohhhh! (laughing)
K2K: Favorite movies?
CD: I’m not a movie buff. I don’t have any favorites.
K2K: Favorite music?
CD: I have favorite styles. It’s like indie or emo punk.
K2K: Favorite sports.
CD: I guess you could say snowboarding. I’m not into mainstream NFL or anything like that. Snowboarding and wakeboarding.
K2K: Anything else that you’d like people to know about you?
CD: Uh... (shy smile) I’m nice. (laughing) No, really. I love doing this and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I’m happy where I am right now.
And with that, we had to let Courtney continue meeting her fans and signing autographs. Look for her in future magazines, and visit her on her site: www.courtneyday.com
Written by and photo © 2004 Philip Anderson

Philip Anderson is a musician, in addition to being a writer/photographer. He has performed as a guitarist/vocalist, as well as songwriter, in several bands over the past 20 years. As a writer and photographer, he has been published by several magazines and in several books, and had his works appear on television.

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