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Dasha - Uniquely talented former adult film star
January 2001 - AVN Expo - Las Vegas, NV

The film industry is many things if not fickle and opinionated. Different genres are accepted by different viewers whereas some are allowed the privilege of crossing over. Of the different film genres - or works of art, as some may call them - the one that is the most taboo yet most popular is the adult film genre. The adult film industry is a multi-billion dollar corporation that, at last count, takes care of around 42% of the gross national product of the United States. And yet everyone is told that it is "dirty" and "pornographic." For something that is labeled as "filthy," there sure is a lot of beauty to behold in the form of females. These objectified art forms are the very basis of the adult industry - not as victims, as in so many action and horror films, but as empowered sex machines who both control and are able to be controlled, and loved from afar, by men in general.

There have been many now-familiar names and faces (yeah, who looks at faces) in the adult film industry since it boomed in the mid-1970s. Amongst these are such performers as Seka, Christy Canyon, the Gingers - Lynn and Allen, and many more. Within the collection of the newest faces, one is sure to attract plenty of attention before too long. The Czech Republic has blessed us with Dasha. Here is a woman who literally seems to have it all to create the perfect female. Beautiful and bold, not too tall yet not too short, sweet as candy one minute while showing a biting attitude the next, and with an amazing talent that few can match - projectile orgasms. This lady can squirt like no man could match. To some, this trick may seem a bit on overkill and find it unnerving. Let me assure you, at the very least it is fascinating to behold.

At the recent AVN Expo in Las Vegas this past January, we had the opportunity to chat with Dasha - one of the most beautiful women in film today. Unlike some of her film characters, Dasha is one of the nicest people one could hope to meet. She is cordial beyond compare and very accommodating with her fans. Although she was swamped with autograph and photo requests during the entire convention, she took a few minutes to fill us in about her background and amazing "abilities." Also, as being a relative newcomer to the United States, her grasp of English was surprisingly good.

K2K: To start with, where are you from originally?
D: From the Czech Republic.

K2K: How long have you been in the United States?
D: For about four years.

K2K: How did you master the English language so well already?
D: I just picked it up on the streets. It's easy with all the people here. You can pick it up in about two years.

K2K: Any difficulties still?
D: Yeah. I still don't have the grammar yet. I don't get it [because] I don't study. I still have trouble with some things. Basically I can talk about what I want to and people understand me, so that's good.

K2K: How did you manage to find yourself in the adult cinema world?
D: I don't know. I was a dancer for about a year and then I got tired of it. I went to a store and looked at some cover boxes of some tapes. I liked the design of the Vivid boxes, so I found out where their offices were and went there and asked for a job. I don't even know how I came to that idea. I had never watched porn and had no idea what it was. I'm so happy that I did though because I have never been happier before, since I started in porn.

K2K: Do you like the whole porn industry?
D: I love it! I love it! [But since has retired in 2003 after getting married in 2000, and moved to Europe. - ed.]

K2K: What's your favorite part of it?
D: I like the people around. They are all my friends and they are really nice. I don't think I could have found so many good people in any other industry, like in the mainstream.

K2K: How about the other benefits - sex, money, etc.?
D: Sex, yes of course. The money is great. Pleasure is great. Anything. It's all a plus.

K2K: Are you now under a contract?
D: Yes. Since I started out I've been under contract with Vivid. They signed me right away when I asked for a job, so it was my luck. I'm very happy with them.

K2K: How long of a contract is it?
D: It's about a little over a year now, almost two years.

K2K: Have you ever thought about breaking into some mainstream films or TV?
D: I had some thoughts about that but usually they don't stay long. I'm not trying to be a "star," so I'm happy where I am at. So I'm not really trying to get into that. Why would I do it if they pay such small [amount of] money?

K2K: Would you turn it down if you had a nice offer?
D: I did. I actually was supposed to do a movie with Julia Robert's brother, Eric Roberts. It was like a couple hundred [dollars] per day. I thought, "I'm not going to do that. I'm sorry."

K2K: Have you ever had acting or theater ambitions?
D: No. No. Dancing. I used to dance and wanted to be a dancer.

K2K: How did you end up doing music videos?
D: Actually, the Vivid publicists have, every once in a while, a thing like that where they call me and I go to audition.

K2K: So to get into something that we had talked about earlier - You have a unique talent that most women do not. The, what I call, "projectile orgasm." Is that something you created?
D: OK, it's not something I created. It's been there since I was born. (laughs)

K2K: When was the first time that you found out about it?
D: When I was about 12 or 13. It sounds pretty bad, but that's when I started having sex. I found out that I do that and I really didn't know what it is. It was kind of creepy because in Europe, at that time, they didn't know about that - about squirting and all that.

K2K: Well, they still don't really know that much about it here either.
D: Oh really? (laughs)

K2K: You are already known as a Vivid girl and starring in films, but how many people really know about that ability?
D: It is true. A lot of people are asking if it's fake or if I am putting water into my pussy and then squirting it out. No. I even squirt sometimes when I don't want to. All that changing sheets every night after sex. Sometimes it does it by itself. It's not always something that you have to create.

K2K: Now, the first time that you were with a guy and that happened, what did he do?
D: I think he kind of... he didn't freak out or anything. I think that he already knew something about that. We never talked about it though. I just remember that I did it and we never spoke about it.

K2K: I noticed in your films that when you have an orgasm, you tend to back away for a bit. Is it very sensitive or intense when it happens?
D: It's very, very high intensity. I kind of want a break for a second. The main thing is that I don't want to squirt that much. I don't want to mess up the camera. It's usually very expensive equipment and I don't want to destroy it. [Watch "Action Sports Sex 6" from Vivid - ed.]

K2K: Are you able to control how far you can squirt?
D: No. It does whatever it does.

K2K: In "Action Sports Sex 6," I thought it was pretty funny how you "watered" the camera.
D: (laughs while shyly shocked) Yeah.

K2K: What is your favorite sexual fantasy that you have gotten to experience so far?
D: To be tied up and blind[folded], not knowing what was going to come and from where. That was my fantasy and it was fulfilled. It was wonderful.

K2K: What is a sexual fantasy that you have had that you are still hoping to do.
D: Nothing. I've done everything, I think.

K2K: What would you do twice?
D: I've done everything - many, many times - over and over.

K2K: What is your favorite position?
D: Anything. With passion and the right person it's anything. I don't have a "favorite" position.

K2K: How do the fans treat you usually? Are they mostly nice?
D: Yeah, they are wonderful. I've never had anyone be rude or anything. They are so wonderful.

K2K: How old are you now?
D: 24.

K2K: How long do you plan on remaining in the adult industry?
D: Umm... who knows? For a long time. I enjoy it so far, so who knows.

K2K: Any plans for afterwards?
D: Just being a regular person. A mother or whatever.

K2K: Have you been investing your money?
D: I'm saving. Yes.

K2K: Any plans of marriage?
D: (grins widely as she shows off a very sweet ring on her finger)

K2K: Well all right! OK, if you weren't married, what would make a perfect guy for you?
D: Sensitive, funny, a little bit smart but not too much. (laughs) Looks don't matter at all to me. I don't like rich guys because they're usually such assholes.

K2K: If you weren't doing what you are doing now, what would you be doing?
D: I would be dead. (laughs) No, no. I really don't know. (laughs)

And with that, it was time to run as the fan line had been growing by yards during our conversation. It's always great to meet down-to-earth people and Dasha certainly is one of those types who makes for a charming chat. Don't forget to check out her appearances in all her Vivid DVD releases as well as checking out Vivid's other titles too.


Written by Philip Anderson. All photos © 2001 Matt Kriege and Wanda Hanson

Philip Anderson is a musician, in addition to being a writer/photographer. He has performed as a guitarist/vocalist, as well as songwriter, in several bands over the past 20 years. As a writer and photographer, he has been published by several magazines and in several books, and had his works appear on television.

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