Julie Strain - Model / Talk Show Host / Columnist / Actress (Fakk 2 - "Heavy Metal 2000")
On the phone with David Lee Wilson - April 2000
Beyond the beauty that is Julie Strain resides an articulative intelligence that is easily recognized in even the briefest of encounters. Her infectious confidence in who she is and what she does could sell any product she chose but none as easily as the rarest commodity of all, Julie Strain. Having secured the title of "Queen of the "B" movies" with much justification, (she has nearly a hundred such films to her credit), the rest of her resume is equally as impressive. Her image adorns a countless number of projects in all the various forms of media with the main constant always her chiseled beauty. You can find her as easily on the covers of comic books and graphic novels as in the pages of Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Inspect the room of any American male between the ages of thirteen to thirty and you are likely to find her chocolate eyes Keeping watch from the wall over her more explicit photos that will likely be found under the mattress.
Ah, but there is more to this former Penthouse Pet of the Year than skin. When not modeling Strain shares her knowledge of photography in her "Fine Art of Photography" class at UCLA. She has the ability and experience to teach from the perspective of someone who has mastered both sides of the camera's lens. She also mentors an informal school of aspiring models and actresses drawing from her wealth of personal experience on how to avoid the roadblocks that will stop others sans such schooling. Julie's latest project, "Heavy Metal: 2000," involves her in several ways, most notably as the model and voice for the film's heroine, "FAKK 2." As Julie will tell you it wasn't much of a stretch playing the planet-jumping Amazonian warrior as Strain herself stands 6'1" in her bare feet and has considerable experience battling movie aliens. This sequel to the classic "Heavy Metal:The Motion Picture" is due out summer 2000 and looks to be one of the bigger releases of the year. Julie is beautiful, intelligent and is constantly and thoroughly engrossed in life, love and art. She is a template for the ideal modern woman and, as you will read, great conversation to say the least!

DAVID LEE: I was told that you are an early bird and true to expectations here you are doing interviews while the rest of California sleeps, what else do you do so early in the morning.
JULIE STRAIN: Oh, gosh, anything that I can that is open! (laughs) I lost weight this year so now I wake up at midnight, three - four in the morning and thank God that I have e-mail now and a website so that there is something to do. Then I go to Rexall and spend all of my money on hair clips and eyelashes and lots of new toothbrushes and then my gym opens up at 5:30. Oh, there is Home Depot and you can go and buy plants so there is plenty to do!
DL: So by the time your day is half over is Kevin, [Eastman, Julie's husband and creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] nine of the guys that come up for your autograph and feel compelled to tell you how they fantasize about making it with you, how do you deal with that.
JS: Well, he is the one making me go. He is the one hustling the bucks so he is using me like the organ grinder monkey so, I don't have any guilt. (laughs) I am serious, I have no guilt for what I have to say to these guys to make them happy. I mean, I definitely Keep it in a "Playboy" type of nudity and fun perspective. Have you seen "Judge Julie?"
DL: No.
JS: I am "Judge Julie" on Playboy TV's Sex Court, anyway, these fans are pretty harmless and they know where to draw the line. I do get a few e-mails like, "I got a nine inch cock and it is eight inches thick and I am going to fuck you so hard that it will leave an indentation in the bed!" (Laughing) And then he writes, "I got so hard I just had to come all over my stomach!" So I will write back and say, "God, your arms must be huge!" so, I put them back on track, I let them know that I am accepting their thing but I am taming it some and they usually fall right into line. They are so funny and they come from all over the world. Men are such children when it comes to that.
DL: Totally powerless over our penises, it's true!
JS: Yeah, thank god for my shopping! (laughs) Penises equals shopping, that could be my headline.
DL: When you came into model for the "Heavy Metal" movie, did they do some shoots of you first and develop the character from there or did they
dress you up how they thought the character would look?
JS: We did have pictures first. We did a couple of large photo shoots for "Penthouse" that ended up coming out in July of '98 and then the artist started drawing and started conceptualizing from a script point and then when they have the script ready to go, by that time they have the pictures and all of their artists hone and tweak what they think the character of me looks like. The one in the game just recently came back to me and I looked exactly like Minnie Driver, like somebody who takes a Barbie head and kind of squishes it together. I am like, "NO, NO, NO, widen those eyes out and slim that cheek bone because I am not Minnie Driver!" So, I had a little control over it in that way but most of what I have to do with it is like giving birth for four years! It has been in my birth canal for four years and every day is like another heave and a hoe and a radio show. (laughs) The voice work was the hardest part and the most important. That was a year of preparation sitting there with an acting coach and being there to do the voices was the hardest job that I have ever done. I had to stick my finger down my throat, literally, to puke when this monster sticks his tongue down my throat. It is all on camera too! (laughs)
DL: As far as the conceptualization of the character itself, did you add much to that or was it all the men sitting around saying, "She is going to be a strong woman but she is also going to be hot as hell."
JS: As far as the conceptualization of the character, FAKK 2, it is me, I am FAKK 2. It looks like me, it acts like me and the things that she says and does is how I act in society so I would say that was the easiest part of the a character that anybody has ever had to put together for a movie. All they had to do was Keep those little artists pencils moving because I was groovin'! (laughs)
DL: The FAKK 2 character is obviously a very strong and intelligent woman and is obviously very sexual but the way that she is drawn is not going to endear you to feminists groups, how do you react to anything negative that they would have to say about the way you portray yourself and women in general.
JS: You know what, the feminist groups love me because even though I am sexy I am a ball buster at the same time. Bare Wench Project ran a full page of FAKK 2 with a set of bloody balls in my hand. I know for a fact that at one time the editors had removed the balls and those bitches decided to put them back in because they liked what I stood for. I could be a sexy woman AND trample a man's balls. I really don't have anybody that is against me and when the religious people call me up I say, "I am calling it 'Tits For Jesus' because any time I get someone here to listen to me I can at least tell them about the lord and Jesus and how to be a good person and if I save one soul as a result of showing these tits, it is worth it, isn't it?" So, I have got them all cornered.
DL: "Tits For Jesus", sounds like a perfect name for a show on the Christian Broadcasting Network.
JS: Yeah! On pay per view right now check out a movie called, "The Bare Wench Project," I am the bare wench and I am only in one fantasy sequence but it is worth it just for that sequence.
DL: In the entire body of your work is there stuff there that you ever think to yourself, "Gee, I wish that I hadn't done that?"
JS: No, I like every little movie and every little job that I did and I basically had to do nudity for eight years until Kevin came around and now I will gladly do the nudity, but I am on e-bay trying to buy back some of my old movies, like there was this one that I did with Adam Ant that I just got the bid on last night. I am really proud of all of my work and the fact that it is sexy and it is nude, I don't care because at least I do it better than everybody else. As much as a wife would like to hate me watching my movies they write me and say, "Wow we are really big fans of yours. . ."
DL: "Where can I get that suit?" (laughs)
JS: (Laughing) Yeah! "Where can I get that G-string and tassels?"
DL: With everything that is being merchandised from this movie will there ever be a clothing line?
JS: Uh, well, I don't think that I would ever end up with clothing lines because I buy so much crazy stuff from a vast array of places that I probably have one of everything that is already made anyway so to design it might be silly. I do have a place called trashy.com that is Trashy Lingerie in LA and they make a lot of my costumes. They actually made the blue flight suit that is coming out so I do shoot in the clothes that I wear there, then they put them on their site and I get money from the clothes that people buy that I am wearing so in a round about way, yes, I do have a clothing line.
DL: At the end of your days when you are taking stock of your life what will there be that you were particularly proud of?
JS: Oh, gosh, I own so much territory that it is like picking your favorite continent. I really love slipping into the supermodel world any time that I can and I was photographed by Helmut Newton a long time ago and I just made it into his big book that is called "SUMO" which comes with it's own table the pages are so large, they are like three feet by four feet. I have three photos in there and one of them is with Michael Hutchence who was with INXS. Just to be in that book that has all of the super models, that is really it. I love everything, I love the photography, the movies, I love doing radio and getting published in magazines. I shoot for six magazines right now, I love cooking, I love taking care of my girls and giving them beautiful pictures so that they can go out and get great work and become successful and be powerful too, that way when I am 60 their maid can make me breakfast instead of going to my house. I am just planting seeds. I am like the organ grinding Johnny Appleseed. (laughs)
DL: As I was scanning your press clippings I noticed that you have been referred to, more than once, as "The Queen of all Media." That will draw an obvious comparison to Howard Stern, how do you feel about that?
JS: Well, Howard, as much as he calls himself the King of all media, is really only a couple of media. I encompass my own book, comic books, trading cards, my own characters, I am the new "Vampirella," I am Judge Julie and the Queen of the "B" movies. Nobody has done ten movies a year for the last ten years so that title was given to me and God bless somebody if they want to take it away or own it, come knock and my door and see if he can do it! (laughs) I love Howard. I have been on his lap on his show and he has spanked my bare ass before so, we are in it together. I think that I am going to go and do Howard with Insane Clown Posse, which is one of our bands on the soundtrack.
DL: The only media that you seem to be missing from is network television, is that something that interests you at all?
JS: I don't mind being a guest on television shows but I am not really into driving over the hill and being locked in a cement wall with a crap service table and a microphone in my face for twenty hours a day. When people start figuring it out and want to have me on. . . see, I am 6'1" and when I where heels I am 6'5" or 6"6" so the only parts that I can play in TV shows is the comic book characters come to life or a Vampire or a Dominatrix. I was in "Naked Gun 33 1/3" as a dominatrix and I am just very patient for those roles to come my way. I auditioned for "The X-Files" recently but I don't think that Mr. Duchovney was pleased that I was going to be holding his hand and running and his head would be at my nipple. (laughs) You know what I mean? He would look like a child flailing. It is like, at the Mexican border they have these big yellow signs that says, "Yield," and has a picture of a Hispanic wife and husband with a kid whose feet flailing behind them, his feet are not even on the ground! (laughs) That is what it would have looked like with Duchovney so I didn't get that job.
DL: As if you haven't given us all enough what else is there that is new and Julie Strain in some way?
JS: "Sorceress 2" has just hit the video stores. "Rowdy Girls" which is a western that I did with Shannon Tweed will be coming out shortly from Troma. I have recently crawled into bed with Troma Films and they are doing whatever I tell them! (laughs) We are doing a stripper movie and a bachelorette party movie this spring because I am in shape for it now. I said, "O.K. let's make the little T+A movies now, we can play the mom later down the road." I also worked on "Toxic Avenger 4" for them and I got my face ripped off by Noxie so that is pretty cool! I have some new "Vampirella" comic book covers coming out on a monthly basis. They are photo covers and they are really amazing and collectible. If anybody didn't see my "Marilyn 2000" trading card set, you missed out though you can still get them on e-bay, they are like seven bucks. Also, there are all of the "Heavy Metal: FAKK 2" dolls and magazines and trading cards that go with that. That is all that I can remember.
DL: So, yours is an image that will not likely be lost to time? (laughs)
JS: I will make sure of it! I can afford to give my stuff away for free so I will make sure that I am like cement on every teenagers wall in the world! (laughs) Even if it wasn't about me, it is about an image that I have created and when I grow up, to have that image in the world that you could look up to, like Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot and Raquel Welch, those were my chicks when I was a kid, now I am that chick for other people and it feels really cool to be able to just make peoples dreams bigger and more grandiose. Maybe they will take five steps instead of three while they are reaching for me and that may be the extra two steps that makes them successful, find their soul-mate or just be a happier person.
Written by David Lee Wilson

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