Spike Decker - Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival Of Animation
San Diego Comic Con International - San Diego, CA - July 2000
Within the midst of the mainstream film studios, and even the larger impact independent studios, lie the underdogs of the film industry. These are the misunderstood as well as the infamous. One of these is Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Animation, a company that showcases some of the most bizarre, as well as some of the most clever animated film shorts ever created. Started as nothing more than a hobby for a Southern California punk band (of which Spike and Mike were members) to show odd films during their performances, this now-cult favorite took off like a storm and does regular national runs in the independent theater circuit - along with the occasional conventions.
While co-founder Mike has long passed on to the other side, Spike has kept the name alive and well while pulling in packed houses to the public film presentations, as well as selling videos and DVDs of past favorites. Nothing has been too disturbing or raunchy to put on for show - although, to note, there are two parts to the enterprise: the regular animation and the "sick & twisted." Some of the animation featured is fantastic with innovative uses of computer imagery, while others are downright disgusting forays into sketch art and claymation. Who are we to judge whether it is art or not? We merely observe and, hopefully, enjoy ourselves.
At the past Comic Con International in San Diego [summer 2000], we had a chance to chat with Spike about his enterprise. We dug up more information than we thought we would as he brought up some intriguing facts concerning the MTV classic "Beavis & Butthead." Apparently Spike was the co-creator, along with Mike Judge, but somehow he was forgotten and fell through the corporate cracks with Mike nowhere to be found to pull him out. As Spike explains it though, an original contract or two have been found which, when brought to light, should pull in quite a hefty sum of past-owed monies to the co-creator.
Spike: Hi, I'm Spike. How'ya doing?
K2K: What's the scoop about "Beavis & Butthead?"
SD: That I co-created it and produced the fucking thing.
K2K: How did Mike [Judge] fuck you?
SD: Mike Judge, you mean? Little things like interviews in Rolling Stone magazine where they say, "Mike, where did this first start?" "Oh, oh, at one of the 'animation festivals' somewhere." Shit like that. Cheap shot shit like that. Mike, the fucking multimillionaire Judge.
K2K: So how are you going to get back at him?
SD: We hooked up with some major players. We're putting out a book. We're going to publish this. I have documentation, contracts, canceled checks, the whole thing. Also, if you look at the credits, on the first ones, at the end. It has voices by Mike Judge, characters drawn by Mike Judge, idea concepts by Spike Decker - in his [Mike's] own descriptive handwriting. So. That's before he went to MTV and they indoctrinated him. We have documentation now. It's time for this to get out. It's very relevant to me anyway.
K2K: Why didn't you mention it at the time [when it was big]?
SD: That's a good question. Because I didn't have the people behind me that I do now. I didn't have it together to do. I didn't want to get into it with MTV.
K2K: Why didn't you go to the press?
SD: I was probably too intimidated at the time by the guys who own MTV. I just wasn't ready to get into it. I didn't have the money or the resources to battle it. It's like taking on some Frankenstein, you know.
K2K: What's next for you?
SD: We're on the KoRn tour right now [summer 2000]. We're doing some books. We're going to develop some other characters. Summer and Tiffany of Hut Sluts. We're working on that. We're working on distribution. We're doing a lot of festivals like the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance, things like that. Internet deals.
K2K: Are you going to do another TV show?
SD: Yeah, that's what I want to do with the Hut Sluts, with Summer and Tiffany.
K2K: What kind of TV show would it be and where would it be aired?
SD: That remains to be seen. We would have to tone it down, but we're meeting with everybody. Envelopes are getting pushed farther though, like with Matt, Trey and everything is farther than what it was when we initially did Beavis & Butthead.
K2K: Would you still call it the Hut Sluts?
SD: I would hope so.
K2K: If you couldn't, what would you change the name to?
SD: I don't know yet. I have yet to cross that bridge.
K2K: Hut Chicks?
SD: (laughs)
And with that it was back to traipsing around the convention hall as the Spike & Mike booth was totally converged upon by fans buying up videos and DVDs.
For more information about local theater showings or new projects, check out their website at:
Written by and Photo © 2000 Philip Anderson

Philip Anderson is a musician, in addition to being a writer/photographer. He has performed as a guitarist/vocalist, as well as songwriter, in several bands over the past 20 years. As a writer and photographer, he has been published by several magazines and in several books, and had his works appear on television.

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