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"GGW" Founder In Jail
"Girls Gone Wild" founder now a "Boy Gone Mild" jailbird
No Guns For Mentally Ill
Congress "may" keep guns away from the mentally ill
Wiccan U.S. Soliders OK'd
Fallen U.S. soldiers allowed Wiccan symbols for their headstones

2001 2000 1999
At what point do symbols define us?
China Tortures Bears For Profit
How the gall bladder market drives China
Rules For Blame
Who do we blame for our problems?

Columbine: One Year Later
Did anyone learn their lessons?
News To Blame
How the news adds to our thinking

Columbine Mother Suicide
A fitting end for a needed parent?
The Thanksgiving Meal
What's really in your yummy dinner?

Congress Can Be Bought
How officials can get away with anything

Media's Fault
How the media hypes up hateful violence

Millionaire Marriage
Shameful sham show about marriage

Ford / GM Jewish Settlement
US carmakers forced to settle with Jewish slave labor victims.
How much is too much restitution?

Part One / Part Two

Can We Shoot Cops Now?
Remembering Amadou Diallo

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