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March 2000

How Stupid Are We? Dept.

Who Wants To Watch A Millionaire Get Married?

To what lows do we sink as a television viewing nation when we find great interest in watching a show that completely destroys any moral fiber, ethical value and even just common sense when we are willing to watch 50 contestants battle over the right to have two complete strangers, never properly introduced let alone in love, get married - and for the love of money no doubt?

We are a sick nation indeed when we push for the TV audience to watch a show that debaucherizes the very last bastion of moral integrity between couples - marriage. It is bad enough that divorce rates are approaching 50% in this country that we then have to set a new example of perversion by suggesting that it is fascinating to watch strangers marry not out of love, but basic lust for money and sex.

How does it all work, you may be wondering?

Well, first of all, it takes a perverse TV programming grunt to sell an idea to the marketing suits (sluts?) on the concept that people don't really have time for love, but rather need the necessities to "live a lifestyle" that they could get used to. You should know that term, it is used in divorce courts enough. So, 50 contestants - all picked primarily for their beauty (along with one supposed drag queen in the midst), to satiate the basis of love (looks) in the prospective groom.

Now, in a nation where grossly obese women can charge discrimination lawsuits against fitness companies for "insulting" advertising, and where the same women can slanderously accuse thin models of all being anorexic and part of a marketing "conspiracy" that denotes that fat is indeed ugly and thin is sexy, it is amusing to note how no one has complained about "Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire". They sure get in an uproar about the bathing suit section of beauty pageants. Here is a groom who could be ugly as sin, remaining hidden in the backstage, while he lustfully picks apart his prey - the last judgment being, of course, the bathing suit slut strut.

Again remember - the show is about a rich man who supposedly cannot afford the time to meet a nice woman in a public place, nor buy himself a hooker with his large bank account, picking out a woman who desires to get married on a whim, provided her new spouse is, well, rich - so that she can "live a lifestyle."

Where are we now? Ah yes, the time has come on the stage as the Whore (Darva Conger) is about to marry the John (Rick Rockwell - what a groovy name and not even his real one) as set up by the Fox Pimp Machine. How special the meeting must've been with Rick hiding backstage thinking, "Yeah, I'll take the blonde with the big melons. She makes me hot." The leering smile on his face said it all - sleaze.

Let's cut to the chase and get to the clincher - no one really "expected" to get married, we are told later. These girls just "wanted to party in Las Vegas". Darva suggested that she was "shocked" to be picked. Well, then again, who could blame her after seeing the picker. Fox Network had Annulment papers already in hand in case things did not go well. Nice mockery of the whole marriage ceremony and meaning. Then, we find out later that both Rick and Darva had either lied or been told to lie by the Network. Rick had some skeletons in his closet when a previous restraining order from an ex-girlfriend had been found. Darva, supposedly had claimed to be a Gulf War Veteran - she was not. Fox had made that one up for her since they are the ones who made that "fact" public.

Sleaze, sluttiness and disregard for any institution is the flavor at hand in our country today and it tastes like excrement. I can just imagine the line-up for next fall on any given TV station. Ponder these titillating titles won't you:

• Who Wants To Beat His Wife/Sister On Jerry Springer?

• Who Wants To Sell Their Daughter To Thai Whore-mongers?

• Who Wants To Be Gang-Raped By Frat Brothers?

• Who Wants To Be A Moron And Watch More TV?

The answer to the final title/question is easy - Practically everyone, it seems. We all complain about perversions in our society and what is wrong with it. Unfortunately, we not only don't do anything about these issues, we embrace them by watching utter garbage on TV that pulls in higher ratings and tells the Suits high up, "Hot Damn! Put more o'that mindless crud in front of my ever-loving TV eyes." Sad? You bet.

You'd better wipe those tears quickly before the commercial break is over.

Written by Philip Anderson

Philip Anderson is a musician, in addition to being a writer/photographer. He has performed as a guitarist/vocalist, as well as songwriter, in several bands over the past 20 years. As a writer and photographer, he has been published by several magazines and in several books, and had his works appear on television.

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